Support for error detection with document synthesis

Add the function of correctly combining two different files into one

TRIART,INC.(located in Iizuka City, Fukuoka Prefecture, CEO: Kentaro Imazu) recently officially provided MIIDEL ver. 3 (hereinafter to be referred as MIIDEL), an image comparison system with new functions. MIIDEL is a system that can compare text, images, and other data, then, find and emphasize change points, it also can be used to reduce errors caused by change points in engineering projects. MIIDEL uses its unique feature point recognition technology * to compare and automatically repair text, images, or scanned files of different sizes *. MIIDEL has been widely praised in the construction and automotive industry. After the official sale in April 2016, more than 400 companies have purchased and officially used it. This MIIDEL version upgrade adds a new automatic repair function. This function is developed for customers who want to make more detailed corrections to fixed parts. This function allows customers to select feature points by themselves, and then the software will automatically synthesize and correct the files based on this. In the future, MIIDEL will also make efforts to improve customer satisfaction and provide a more efficient and convenient system that can reform and promote working methods.

Examples of new functions

With the help of Kyushu University of Technology and associate professor Mariko Nagao, we successful realized the comparison between the printed content of Shakespeare magazine data and the original. We also efficiently and accurately identified the changes in the printing process. (Fig. 1) The images and texts that are difficult to distinguish by eye can be automatically corrected by setting feature points to improve the accuracy of the results, and the differences in the details of the texts can be compared.
In the field of architecture, you can compare architectural drawings with construction drawings. To find out the change points between drawings in advance to prevent economic losses caused by drawings. (Fig. 2)

Fig. 2

Advantages of our system

  1. Add new automatic correction function.
  2. Applicable to many different languages (English, Chinese (simplified and traditional))

Inquiries from the media regarding this release

Company’s principal:Watanabe Ayano
CIRD 680-41 Kawazu, Iizuka City, Fukuoka Prefecture

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