The image comparison system [MIIDEL6] is now on sale

TRIART,INC. (TRIART, located in Iizuka City, Fukuoka Prefecture CEO: Kentaro Imazu) will provide the latest version of the image comparison system [MIIDEL6] in April 2022, which adds new functions such as automatic image sorting.

MIIDEL uses AI to detect the change points of new and old files instantaneously and label the results. The [Image Comparison System] can reduce errors and omissions that may occur during manual detection and improve work efficiency.

MIIDEL6- New features-

1.Automatic sorting function
In the previous version, the sorting of old and new files has always been done manually. [MIIDEL6] Now you can perform one click automatic sorting. This makes it possible to significantly reduce the time and effort required for work. For example, when comparing 300 pages of data, it might have taken hours to sort, but now it only needs a few seconds.

2.Line width adjustment function
If the line thickness is different between the old and new documents, it used to be difficult to recognize the drawing with thinner lines and find the point of change, but after adjusting (optimizing) the line thickness, it’s easier to spot changes.

3.Simultaneous comparison of multiple files is possible
Previously, it was only possible to compare old and new files one by one, but with “MIIDEL6” it is now possible to compare multiple files at once.

4.Supports large size documents
We have received many requests from customers in the manufacturing industry, who often compare A0 size and even larger size pictures. Now MIIDEL can also read and compare large data.

5.Resolution change function
If the file content is not clear enough after reading, you can change the resolution without reloading. making it possible to detect changes more quickly and precisely.


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