The image comparison system [MIIDEL5] is now on sale

TRIART,INC. (TRIART, located in Iizuka City, Fukuoka Prefecture CEO: Kentaro Imazu) will provide the latest version of the image comparison system [MIIDEL5] in October 2020,which adds new graphic comparison functions.


MIIDEL is an “image and graphic comparison system” that can instantly detect changes that are easily overlooked by the naked eye and add colors to distinguish them. It can greatly improve work efficiency when comparing old and new files and checking change points.

New function of MIIDEL5:

In the [MIIDEL5], you can select and drag the upper layer (or lower layer) file to automatically align with the similar range in the other file, then we can detect the changes in the two files more accurately.

Through the updated new function, the comparison files can be observed more intuitively to speed up the efficiency of the comparison work. Reducing the mistakes that may occur in the comparison work and enabling cross-page comparisons.

Inquiries from the media regarding this release

Company’s principal:Watanabe Ayano
CIRD 680-41 Kawazu, Iizuka City, Fukuoka Prefecture
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