The long-awaited 『MIIDEL Version 8』 with reporting functionality is now available!

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  • The long-awaited 『MIIDEL Version 8』 with reporting functionality is now available!

 TRIART,INC. (TRIART, located in Iizuka City, Fukuoka Prefecture CEO: Kentaro Imazu) will officially release the latest version of 『MIIDEL』, 『MIIDEL8』, on April 1st, 2024. In addition to the enhanced comparison function, it is also equipped with a detection result reporting function, which has been highly requested, and also demonstrates its strengths for internal circulation for information sharing and approval within the team. (The introduction page for “MIIDEL8” can be found here)

▶️ About 『MIIDEL』
“MIIDEL” is an image comparison system that uses TRIART’s proprietary AI to display color differences when comparing new and old files or checking for revisions. Even changes that are easily missed by the naked eye can be detected instantly, significantly increasing work efficiency. Since its launch in 2016, “MIIDEL” has been widely adopted in various industries, including manufacturing, construction, consumer goods manufacturing, and local government, and is currently used by 20,000 users worldwide.

『MIIDEL8』– New features-

 『MIIDEL8』 maintains its widely praised intuitive usability while further enhancing its comparison functions. Among these, the reporting feature provides an overview of the detection results, making it easier to share results within teams and approve results after comparison.

1)Features for Quick Viewing and Reporting of Comparison Results

A new feature has been added that compiles a list of detected changes and generates a report. It also marks the coordinates of each change point, making it easy for anyone to understand. This can be used directly as a checklist or as a shared document.

2)Suitable for Editorial Work

It enables splitting manuscripts designed for center spreads into single pages for comparison, providing flexibility for DTP tasks in print or proofing.

3)Fully Supports Design Proofreading Work

It is now possible to compare .ai (Adobe Illustrator) files, which are commonly used in design manuscripts. Combined with color difference detection, this enhancement improves proofing tasks for product packaging and similar applications.
※ An Adobe Illustrator account is required.

 Customers who have purchased ‘MIIDEL7’ or earlier versions and have continued their annual update contract will be able to download 『MIIDEL8』 for free starting April 1st.

 As many industries incorporate AI into the reorganization of their daily operations, 『MIIDEL8』 will become an even more flexible and user-friendly tool, supporting the business innovation for a wide range of users. Please make sure to utilize the new 『MIIDEL8』.

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