[Image Detection Support System], which uses the camera of the mobile phone to check product labels, has started trial operation

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TRIART,INC.(TRIART, located in Iizuka City, Fukuoka Prefecture CEO: Kentaro Imazu). Started trial operation of [Image Detection Support System (Tentative name)]. This product can use the camera to find the target text and image to be detected from the recorded items such as product packaging and compare it with the master to obtain the change point.

The company has always been committed to developing Composite AI*1 based on high-precision image recognition. Such as [MIIDEL*2] that can instantly identify changes between new and old documents that are difficult to find, [Defective Product Analysis and Sensing System*3] that can detect defective goods with cracks through thermal cameras in manufacturing plants.

In the process of product development and operation, we received many comments from customers, hoping to provide more convenience in the inspection of product trademarks and templates. Therefore, we have developed a trial version of [Image Detection Support System (Tentative name)]. This product is a software that can be used for precision and applicability testing on site and has been tried in some factories.

For the trial version of this product, the photos taken by the computer*4 attached camera are automatically compared with the template, the difference between the target text or image is distinguished and recorded. This product is not suitable for desktops or traditional systems in factories. It is intended to be used for laptops or tablets, so it has certain advantages in flexibility and timeliness. Therefore, we can provide mechanized and automatic support for the work requiring manpower to detect, it is also expected to significantly reduce the time and cost required for work.

Through this trial, it can be expected that the software will be frequently used in the manufacturing department, quality management department, financial department and other departments that often carry out inspection work in the future. We will optimize the Composite AI engine according to the test results and strive to provide a formal product that can be used as soon as possible.

*1 Composite AI, which has many achievements in sensory information processing based on image data
*2 About Homepage, please click
*3 About Defective Product Analysis and Sensing System, please click
*4 Operating environment: PC with camera running Windows 10 or higher (the product version may differ)

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Company’s principal:Watanabe Ayano
CIRD 680-41 Kawazu, Iizuka City, Fukuoka Prefecture
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