About Install

Recommended Configurations:CPU:Core i5 or newer、Memory:8GB or more、Storage:50 GB。
For Windows 10/11 64bit only.
※You can use this software only after signing a contract
You cannot use this software even if you download and install it until you sign a contract.


 Software License Agreement and Terms of Use

The target software includes the following products and corresponding trial versions.
Please read the following before installation.

Before using the software of these products (hereinafter to be referred as the software) and its trial versions, you must read the Software Terms Of Use(hereinafter to be referred as the Agreement).
By installing the software on your computer, it will be deemed to have read and agreed to all the contents written in the Agreement. If you do not agree with the contents recorded in the Agreement, you cannot install and use this software.

Download MIIDEL7

Process before use

01.Contact us
After you have an estimate of the number of accounts you need, consult us. ※MIIDEL cannot be used before signing the contract.

02.Contact from the person in charge                 
The person in charge will contact you. You can prepare some datahave data and then we can compare them and present the results. If it is a confidential document, please discuss it separately.

03.Initial installation settings
After preparing the computer to install MIIDEL, install it. (For Windows 10/11 64bit only.)

04.Start using MIIDEL
Log in to MIIDEL with your License Code to start using MIIDEL. MIIDEL will regularly update the function, if you have some required functions. Please feel free to contact us.

※Customers using an older version of MIIDEL please download it from the link below.


Download MIIDEL 6

Download MIIDEL 5

Download MIIDEL 4

Download MIIDEL 3

Download MIIDEL 2