Compare any images instantly

An image comparison system that identifies differences utilizing AI image recognition

MIIDEL uses AI to detect the change points of new and old files instantaneously and label the results. The [Image Comparison System] can reduce errors and omissions that may occur during manual detection and improve work efficiency.
The latest version of the image comparison system [MIIDEL8] is now on sale.



Comprehensive comparison

MIIDEL can compare a wide range of file types, including PDFs, Tiff files, and image files

Accurate detection

MIIDEL can accurately detect even small differences between files, including changes to text, formatting, and layout.

User-friendly interface

MIIDEL\'s interface is easy to use, with clear results that highlight the differences between files.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I use MIIDEL to compare the print data and the original data?

    Yse, Some of our customers use MIIDEL to check the labeling of pharmaceuticals and frozen foods.

  • Can I use MIIDEL to compare documents that have undergone layout changes?

    Yes, MIIIDEL has the "Layer Correction" feature since MIIIDEL 4, which allows for automatic or semi-automatic correction...

  • Can I use MIIDEL to print the results after comparing with MIIDEL?

    Yes, MIIDEL can save the comparison results as a PDF file. Then, it can be used for printing or attaching to emails, amo...

  • Are there any limitations on the data that can be imported into MIIDEL?

    No,there are no restrictions on the data that can be imported into MIIDEL. MIIDEL can compare images in JPEG, PNG, and T...

  • Can I use MIIDEL for comparison when the number of pages in the compared files is different?

    Yes, In the preview screen, it is possible to edit the pages that you want to compare. Users can add, delete, and insert...

  • Can I use MIIDEL to compare misaligned scanned PDF files?

    Yes, MIIDEL has the "Auto-Correction" feature since MIIIDEL 3. This feature can automatically correct misalignments betw...

  • How are the comparison results displayed on MIIDEL?

    By default, deleted items are displayed in blue, added items in red, and unchanged items in black. If red and blue color...

  • How can I receive support and updates for MIIDEL?

    If you have any operational questions or needs, please contact support@miidel.com. Customers with Annual update contract...

  • I want to use MIIDEL overseas, does it support languages other than Japanese?

    Yes, MIIDEL now supports English and Chinese (simplified and traditional) . When using MIIDEL overseas, you need to ask ...

  • What are the environment requirements when i use miidel?

    When using MIIDEL, it is recommended to use a computer with the following configuration. Recommended Configurations : Mi...

  • Do I need to have expertise in image recognition to use MIIDEL?

    No, it is not necessary to have any professional knowledge in image recognition to use MIIDEL. MIIDEL is designed to be ...

  • Can Miidel be used offline?

    Yes, Although Internet connection is required for update confirmation, notification, and maintenance. In consideration o...