• Does MIIDEL have overseas agents?

    Please contact us first. Now, for customers using in Indonesia, please contact us from http://kopoka.com/miidel/

    Is it possible to make corrections to files with changed layout?

    Possible. Using the [Layer Correction] function (starting from MIIDEL4), it is possible to perform automatic/semi-automatic corrections to files with changes in layout.

  • Is it possible to compare the block copy data with the actual product?

    Possible. Some customers have already used MIIDEL to check the label of medical supplies and frozen foods.

    Can Miidel be used offline?

    Yes, although system upgradesand product maintenance all need to be connected to the Internet, our product has realized the function of running in an offline environment within seven days after one login in consideration of customers who work on site or without a network environment .

  • Is architectural knowledge required to use MIIDEL?

    No, anyone who is familiar with general Windows, Excel and Word can use this system.

    What is the essential environment for using Miidel?

    Please use computers with the following specifications or later. OS: Windows 10,11, Professional 64bit, HomeEdition CPU: Corei5 or later Capacity: 8GB or more HDD: It is recommended to have 20MB + 200MB or more for data storage and faster.

  • Is Miidel supported multilingually for use in branches overseas?

    Yes. It’s currently supported in Japanese, English and Chinese (simple and traditional). We can look at offering support in other languages if necessary.

    What are the methods for providing Miidel and the price ranges?

    We provide it in packages or it can be downloaded from our website. Please contact us or each distributor for more information.

  • How is the compared information by Miidel displayed?

    With the default setting, items to be deleted are in blue, items to be added are in red and items to have no change are in black and these can also be changed as well.

    The PDF data scanned is crooked, is it still possible for Miidel to compare?

    Possible. An utomatic correction function has been equipped from Version 3. It automatically matches data after comparing, so there’s no problem using crooked data.

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