• Where can I find MIIDEL's Software Terms of Use?

    The MIIDEL Software Terms of Use can be found here. Please read the Terms of Use before using this service or the trial version.

    What is MIIDEL?

    MIIDEL is an “image comparison system” developed by TRIART and has been on sale since April 2016. It is widely used in various industries such as manufacturing, construction, food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, and local governments. It is used to check various types of files, including drawings, documents, specifications, and operation manuals.

  • Can I watch a demo of MIIDEL online?

    Yes, it is possible to watch a demo of MIIDEL online. Please request a demo through the inquiry page, and provide your name, contact information, preferred date and time. The demo usually takes about 30 minutes, and we will also provide pricing information at that time.

    Can I use MIIDEL to compare the print data and the original data?

    Yse, Some of our customers use MIIDEL to check the labeling of pharmaceuticals and frozen foods.

  • Can I use MIIDEL to compare documents that have undergone layout changes?

    Yes, MIIIDEL has the “Layer Correction” feature since MIIIDEL 4, which allows for automatic or semi-automatic correction of images. If there is a layout shift or change in the content of a chart or text due to distortion, the position can be corrected by adding chart or text elements and comparing the content.

    Can I use MIIDEL to print the results after comparing with MIIDEL?

    Yes, MIIDEL can save the comparison results as a PDF file. Then, it can be used for printing or attaching to emails, among other operations.

  • Are there any limitations on the data that can be imported into MIIDEL?

    No,there are no restrictions on the data that can be imported into MIIDEL. MIIDEL can compare images in JPEG, PNG, and TIFF formats, as well as PDF files larger than A0 size. PDF files can come from various PDF software or scans from a copier. The number of readable files may vary depending on the performance of your computer, but there is no upper limit in principle. Some of our customers have compared more than several thousand pages! MIIDEL 7 also supports DocuWorks and Microsoft 365 (PowerPoint, Word, Excel).

    Can I use MIIDEL for comparison when the number of pages in the compared files is different?

    Yes, In the preview screen, it is possible to edit the pages that you want to compare. Users can add, delete, and insert blank pages as they wish, so it is not a problem even if the number of pages is different.

  • Can I use MIIDEL to compare misaligned scanned PDF files?

    Yes, MIIDEL has the “Auto-Correction” feature since MIIIDEL 3. This feature can automatically correct misalignments between data, making it possible to compare even when data has been scanned out of alignment.

    How are the comparison results displayed on MIIDEL?

    By default, deleted items are displayed in blue, added items in red, and unchanged items in black. If red and blue colors are already used in a color drawing, it is possible to change to other colors (such as green or yellow) to make the results easier to read.

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