The image comparison system [MIIDEL7] is now on sale

The image comparison system [MIIDEL7] is now on sale

expand file format compatibility, enhance page auto sorting functionality and more

TRIART,INC. (TRIART, located in Iizuka City, Fukuoka Prefecture CEO: Kentaro Imazu) will provide the latest version of the image comparison system [MIIDEL7] in April 2022 which has been substantially revised with new features such as expanded supported file types, enhanced page sorting, multi-language support, and color comparison support(Click here to check the introduction page of “MIIDEL7″)。


MIIDEL is an “image/drawing comparison system” that uses a proprietary AI to instantly detect changes that are often missed by the naked eye and display the differences by color to greatly improve work efficiency when comparing old and new documents and checking for revisions. MIIDEL is designed to be used on a standard Windows PC without the need to upload important data to the cloud The system is used for drawing inspections in the manufacturing and construction industries and for checking documents by local governments, and has been introduced to more than 800 companies in Japan and overseas.

MIIDEL7– New features-

1)Supported DocuWorksMicrosoft365 application (PowerPoint, Word, Excel) files
We have received many requests for the ability to load and compare DocuWorks, Microsoft 365 applications such as PowerPoint, Word, and Excel files, and are pleased to announce that this feature is now available. The new feature expands the range of applications that can be used with popular documents for office work.

2)Enhanced automatic sorting function
The ” auto sorting ” function, which matches the pages of old and new files in the corresponding order, has been further enhanced.
In addition to the conventional silhouette-based judging of documents, the content (elements) of documents can now be judged more closely, making it easier to find the corresponding pages, even for drawings that frequently undergo layout changes.

3)Supported Multilingual  Increases Efficiency of International Interworking
The user interface can now be switched between English and Chinese (traditional and simplified).
Together with MIIDEL’s basic performance, which enables difference checking even for documents in unreadable languages, international work has become easier. The installer is also language-selectable, allowing users from foreign countries to use it from the beginning.

4)Supported color detection
In addition to the conventional “shape differences” in figures and text, “color differences” can now be detected. MIIDEL allows for comparison of colored drawings and package design data.

5)Further enhanced clipping function
In “MIIDEL 7,” the popular clipping function has been further enhanced and functions have been added in response to customer requests to improve ease of use. Color settings, scale, and resolution can now be freely changed on a page-by-page basis, enabling comparison processing in an appropriate manner for each page.



Click here to check the introduction page of “MIIDEL7”


*DocuWorks is a trademark or registered trademark of FUJIFILM Business Innovation Corp.
*Windows, Microsoft 365, PowerPoint, Word, and Excel are trademarks or registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation and its affiliates in the United States


*We will be notifying existing users of MIIDEL7 by e-mail as soon as it is ready. Thank you for your understanding.