• How can I receive support and updates for MIIDEL?

    If you have any operational questions or needs, please contact support@miidel.com. Customers with Annual update contracts can use the latest version of MIIDEL by downloading the full version update and minor version update from the MIIDEL homepage.

    I want to use MIIDEL overseas, does it support languages other than Japanese?

    Yes, MIIDEL now supports English and Chinese (simplified and traditional) . When using MIIDEL overseas, you need to ask through the inquiry page for more information because the types of accounts and support methods are different from those in japan.

  • What are the environment requirements when i use miidel?

    When using MIIDEL, it is recommended to use a computer with the following configuration.
    Recommended Configurations :
    Microsoft Windows 10 64bit/Microsoft Windows 11
    ※MIIDEL does not operate on 32-bit systems
    ※Operating systems that are no longer supported by Microsoft are not covered by the system’s operational warranty
    Required Specs :
    CPU : MIIDEL is compatible with x64 architecture
    Main Memory : 8GB (Rrecommended 16GB or more )
    Storage : 200MB or more
    Monitor/Display : Recommended FullHD(1920×1080)or more
    System : The required version of “.NET 6 Desktop Runtime” is 6.0.14 or later
    Microsoft Visual C++ 2015-2019 Redistributable package

    Do I need to have expertise in image recognition to use MIIDEL?

    No, it is not necessary to have any professional knowledge in image recognition to use MIIDEL. MIIDEL is designed to be as easy to operate as possible, so even those without professional knowledge can use it proficiently. We have also conducted usability testing with part-time employees in our company. Anyone who has a Windows PC and can handle basic functions such as Excel and Word can use MIIDEL.

  • Can Miidel be used offline?

    Yes, Although Internet connection is required for update confirmation, notification, and maintenance. In consideration of customers who use MIIDEL in places where internet connection is unavailable, we have a function that can be used offline for up to 7 days.

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