MIIDEL, powered up in version 8, is now available.

Retaining Well-Received Intuitive Usability,

Now Changes Stand Out More with Reporting Feature!


What's MIIDEL?


MIIDEL uses AI to instantly and accurately detect changes in drawings and documents, automatically adjusting for distortion and layout variations to highlight only the differences you need to see. Compatible with all standard Windows PCs!


Inspection of manufacturing drawings, comparison of blueprints and construction drawings, package design proofreading, and document checking … it is being used to improve work efficiency in a wide range of industries.


Features of MIIDEL

Wide File Formats OK!

In addition to standard image and document files, version 8 now supports ai (Adobe Illustrator) files. Comparisons between different formats are also OK.

Report Creation OK!

Equipped with a feature that lists detected changes. Clear to anyone who sees it, and can be used directly as a checklist or shared document.

Spread Proofing OK!

It enables splitting manuscripts designed for center spreads into single pages for comparison, providing flexibility for DTP tasks in print or proofing.

Sorting OK!

Even documents with hundreds of pages are sorted with just a button into the corresponding order. Preparation work before comparison is also easy!

Different layouts OK!

Even if the layout of the figures or paragraphs in the text is different, they can moved in parts and they will be automatically snapped to each other.

Scanning distortion OK!

Scanning or three-dimensional distortion, differences in line thickness due to differences in resolution,etc. can also be corrected

Color files OK!

You can choose to detect color changes as differences or not, can also set capacity values.

Different scale OK!

Even if the scale of the pages is different, you can distinguish only the differences.

Unreadable language OK!

Since visual comparison, even differences in characters that are not in your native language can be detected accurately.


Introduction Video

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