Recommended Configurations

Operating System

Microsoft Windows 10 64bit

Microsoft Windows 11

MIIDEL does not operate on 32-bit systems
Operating systems that are no longer supported by Microsoft are not covered by the system's operational warranty

MIIDEL is compatible with x64 architecture

We recommend using a faster CPU for better performance as it may impact processing time

200MB or more

Depending on the data to be compared, more storage capacity may be required
main memory

8GB (Rrecommended 16GB or more )

When comparing graphics of A0 size or larger, please use more than 16GB memory

Recommended FullHD(1920×1080)or more

Resolution of 1280×768 monitor will cause some menus to not be displayed。
Some system settings (Start > Settings > Accessibility > Text size 150%, 200%, etc.) also cause some menus to not be displayed。

The required version of ".NET 8 Desktop Runtime" is 8.0.2 or later

Microsoft Visual C++ 2015-2019 Redistributable package

Internet Internet connection is required for License authentication, Software updates, Technical support

There may be cases where errors such as startup errors or execution errors occur due to the influence of security software