Installation and Launch

In MIIDEL, operations such as installation and launch are performed through the launcher.
The launcher is a practical tool for easily starting applications on your computer. With this tool, users can run software simply and quickly.

The MIIDEL launcher offers many features, enhancing user convenience. The specific features include.

Language Settings

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With multilingual support, it is compatible with four languages (Japanese, English, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese).

Please select your language from the dropdown list at the bottom left of the MIIDEL launcher.


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Please configure as necessary. If an error message requiring proxy authentication appears during license verification, manual configuration is needed.

※For information required during setup, please consult your company's system administrator.

  1. Enter the proxy server address, port number, and authentication information such as ID and password in the settings interface.

  2. Click the "Save" button.

License Certificate & Logout

Certificate the License required for using MIIDEL.

※Offline environment is not supported for license authentication,please ensure operations are conducted in an environment with network connectivity.

License certificate

  1. Select “Account” from the launcher menu and click “Register License”.
  2. After entering the necessary information, click the “Login” button.

※Refer to the license certificate for the necessary information.

※If an error message requiring proxy authentication appears during certification, please configure your network settings.

License Information Verification

You can verify License and other account-related information.

Click on “Account” in the launcher menu to verify.


If you want to change the user of MIIDEL, cancel the current license authentication.
This will allow license activation on a another computer.

※License switching is limited to once per month.

  1. Click on “Account” in the launcher menu.
  2. Then, click the “Deregistering License” button.



MIIDEL can be installed from the launcher.

  1. Please click the "Install" button next to MIIDEL8 on the launcher interface.
  2. After installation, the "Boot" button will appear on the interface.
※MIIDEL requires the following operating environments.
If your computer does not have these environments installed, the installation programs will start when installing MIIDEL. For detailed instructions, please see here.Install



MIIDEL can be launched from the launcher.

Please click the "Boot" button next to MIIDEL8 on the launcher interface.

Updates Check


Check for software updates for MIIDEL.

Please click the "Updates Check" button next to MIIDEL8 on the launcher interface.

Release Notes


You can view the latest update information.

Please click the "Release Notes" button next to MIIDEL8 on the launcher interface.



You can browse the latest news related to MIIDEL, with links located at the top of the launcher interface.



Uninstall MIIDEL.

Please click the "Others" button next to MIIDEL8 on the launcher interface, and select Uninstall.

Offline Use

After completing the license certification, MIIDEL can be used offline for 7 days.

Working Method in Offline Environment

  1. First, complete the license certification in an online environment that can connect to the network.

  2. Then, in the offline environment, launch the launcher and click the "Boot" button.

  3. Click "Start using offline" on the display interface to start MIIDEL.

※The screen will display the expiration date for offline use. If the period is exceeded, you will need to re-certify the license in an online environment again.